3 Ways I Have Tried To Make Money Online So Far And How THAT Went.

Let me tell y’all something. I am broke. All new adults are BROKE. From the time that that walk across the stage is over, we become BROKE ADULTS. I am of the firm belief that our parents’ money is no longer ours when we get that diploma/degree. That phase is over and if you’re an unemployed (seeking employment) graduate like I am, know that you, my darling, are just as broke as I am.

Just like any other ambitious young person who does not wish to become a financial burden, I decided to make some money while applying for jobs and waiting to be called for interviews. Because…who doesn’t like having money? But, I have to admit my journey has been less than stellar and I’m not exactly rolling in money. Here are three ways that I’ve tried to make money and how that went.

Ways Rant (1)

Pay-Per-Click Websites

I must admit, PPC sites are really good at digital marketing. I mean, their ads are amazing! They show you these screenshots of three hundred and four hundred dollar cheques and they make you believe that you can earn this money at the rate of a regular job. I mean, it’s a five hundred dollar cheque. Maybe it would work out better in the US but NOT in the Caribbean where I live. Ladies and gentlemen, I have signed up with many a click per ad site in an attempt to accumulate more money but because I couldn’t keep up with all of them, I ended up sticking with Clix Sense. Clix Sense is coincidentally one of the best PPC sites out there.

Now this is not a review per say so I won’t go into all it’s workings but their opportunities to earn come in the form of viewing ads, surveys, completing micro tasks (e.g. inputting data, freelance jobs etc for pennies at a time), watching videos, competitions, and they have their own affiliate program. Of all of the possible opportunities, I have access to 3 of them – clicking ads, micro jobs, and the affiliate program. Everything else is unavailable to me because of my region (at least that is what I am told). There’s a lottery game as well but I want to focus on guaranteed money here. My darlings, I have a total of $2.36 in my account and I have been clicking for a while. “Stick with it,” they said. “You’ll see the rewards if you keep at it,” they said. Two months. TWO MONTHS and I only have $2.36. Like I said, this is not really a review but I just want to share my experience. It is a lot of work to be earning so little. Perhaps it’s because of my location but they really shouldn’t tease broke people like that. The long and short of this is go for it if you have unlimited patience and you have a lot of time. If you are like me and just want some reliable money, avoid it like the plague.

Captcha Solving

Yes. This is a thing. You know those things that you have to fill in so that websites can make sure that you’re not a bot? You can get paid to solve them. The site that I used (the name escapes me now) started off with a training segment. I must admit it was pretty straightforward but it was very, very flat. I wasn’t having fun at all. The instructions were clear but the captions in the training were anything but. Then after you squinted while leaning your head in all different positions ONLY TO GET IT WRONG, they would tell you that you need to be more accurate. YOU need to be more accurate even though you can’t see. Then you have a test of sorts. It’s pretty much the same as the training but there is a passing score. If you don’t get through that, you will be asked to take the test again.

For the actual job, the site had a timer which more or less determined how much you would be paid. So the more time that you took the less you were paid. I don’t want to bore you more so how it ended for me was that they locked my account. Why? Because I had gotten two of the captchas wrong and my accuracy level had gone down. They wanted to investigate if I was doing it maliciously. I say no more. It’s safe to say of the three, this was definitely the worst online experience that I have had. I have not been back since and from my account, you can see why. I don’t even remember if I earned any significant amounts of money. I don’t even think I passed the two dollar mark. It’s easy work but you have to really be into that kind of stuff. And if you’ve read through this and still don’t believe me when I say that this is an actual thing, google it and tell me what you think.

Wealthy Affiliate

I will do an official review for Wealthy Affiliate in a separate post so look out for that. I joined WA about eleven days ago and even though I haven’t made any money, I gained a lot so far. Yes, I am plugging Wealthy Affiliate here. They are a company that teaches you how to set up your own online (affiliate mostly) business. They give you a course on how to get started setting up your own page, picking your niche, framing your site for your niche according to what is popular and so on. There are two options – the free account and the premium account. I have a free account and for the first seven

There are two options – the free account and the premium account. I have a free account and for the first seven days, you have access to all the premium features after which you have to pay to access those features. Even though that part is the only real bummer, I have to say that the information is excellent. They break down every step and they give you activities and advice as to how to have the most successful experience creating an online business. You get paid on commission every time someone either signs up for a free account or buys a premium account. The free account commission is $4 which is not too bad to me considering the other experiences that I have had *side eye*. I’m still going through the program right now and I am still learning but I highly recommend this program because of the really good information that is on there. I would recommend this even if there wasn’t an opportunity to get paid. That’s how much I believe in this program ALREADY. 10 days later. And what do you know?! Look out below!

If you are as strapped for cash as I am and want some independence, I suggest you check this out. Click on the link above and even if you can’t afford the premium account, you can try the free unit and get some really great reading material.

So as you may surmise from this article, I am still broke. But the silver lining is that I won’t be forever. That’s what I want y’all to take away. It’s all about trying again and again. Mind you, there are other things that I have tried and that I am still currently trying with no success. But, I think it’s much better to try and fail than to sit and do nothing. Go out there. Take risks. One day, we’ll make money. Time is a very important factor in our hunt.

Leave a comment in below and let me know what programs you have tried while trying to earn money online and how THAT went. I’d love to hear your stories.

Until the next article!


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