How To Use Facebook The Right Way When Marketing Online.

Facebook. Everyone, and their pet dog, has one. In fact, people think it’s kind of strange when you don’t have one. We use it every day as a communicative tool and for some of us, it’s become an addiction. But with all this time spent on Facebook, you would think that we would have conquered this platform by now in its entirety, optimally using all its features to our advantage.

How To Use Facebook The Right Way

Facebook can be used for much more than just posting the latest Love and Hip Hop updates. You can actually use Facebook as a way to get your business off the ground. It’s really very simple to do so and once you understand the different ways that Facebook can be used as a marketing tool, you will be able to make the most of the platform.

Let me address something first. You may be wondering how Facebook can be a social media marketing tool when it is a form of social media. Well, think about it this way – A tool is an item used to accomplish a task/goal. A screwdriver (tool) for fastening screws (goal), an anti-virus (tool) to get rid of malware (goal) or a poster (tool) to bring awareness to a rally being held in the school parking lot. But the goals themselves can also be tools. Screws to hold a table together, malware as some sort of revenge act (totally illegal, BTW. Please don’t ever do this!) and the rally itself to bring awareness to a team’s homecoming game.

Facebook is not the only social media platform out there (just in case you didn’t know). And it can be used with other social media platforms to promote your business. For instance, Instagram can now automatically post to Facebook. Although it does not run both ways, this is a good way of targeting two sets of audiences at once – your Facebook audience and your Instagram audience. If your business is Instagram based, you can use your Facebook post to drive more customers to your Instagram page. Thus, Facebook is now a tool to promote an Instagram business. Similarly, if you have a blog, let’s say on Blogger, posts can be programmed to automatically be posted to Facebook after publishing, thereby driving more readers to your page. Facebook can be a promotional tool to get you more readers. So, yes, even though Facebook itself is a social media platform, it can also be used as a tool.

But Facebook is not, nor should it be, solely used for promotion. Remember, social media marketing is marketing and as such, there are four Ps as a beginner that you need to focus on – Product, Place, Price and of course, Promotion.

How You Can Actually Use Facebook To Boom Your Business (It’s So Simple It’s Crazy)

  1. Product – Chances are you already have your product, but if that is not the case, then I would say that you have the advantage. When you have a product, you want people to notice it, be intrigued by it and, ultimately, buy it, which means you need to have a product that fulfills some sort of desire shared by an audience. Facebook groups are excellent places to find out just what those desires are and who the people who share those desires are. This is research that can be conducted in the very early parts of your strategy development and it is much cheaper than making up a survey and asking people to participate. In this way, you would know who to target across your social media platforms and how to format your other Ps to suit that particular group. This works better if you don’t have a product as opposed to if you do because it means that you can be flexible in how you bring your product across.
  2. Place – Of course you can use Facebook groups again to figure out where your niche (audience) hangs out so that you can place your shop/location in that area AND get more sales in the process, but why create a physical space when you can have a virtual offering for much less? There is the Store feature that you can set up for free where you can place your product. The best part? Your niche is already on Facebook so it is easier for them to consider purchasing your goods/services and even if they’re on other social media platforms, a click is the only thing that separates them from getting what they want.
  3. Price – At the end of the day, you want to be the best option. Because let’s face it- you aren’t the only person that is targeting your niche, that is selling your particular product or that has a solution to your niche’s problem. So you want your customers to separate you from the rest by competitive price. That is where your “20% off” and your “use this link to get a free trial” links come from. Facebook is a really excellent place for scoping out price ranges and gauging what your niche is willing to pay – discount deals and beyond.
  4. Promotion – We don’t need to go into this too much because if you observe your feed carefully, you would realize that this is what most companies use Facebook (and other social media platforms) for. They get the word out about their product, price and location using Facebook and with the one billion odd consumers that make up Facebook’s subscriber base, each person is bound to come across ads at least once. The ads can take forms of posts, videos or even status updates. This is the one sector that companies focus on but in reality, all facets of marketing (the 4 Ps), specifically social media marketing, should be looked at carefully.

Facebook is a really good resource when trying to market a product, service or blog on the Internet. Half the time, it is not the algorithms or updates that are the reasons why people are not paying attention to your offering but it is the lopsided approach that most companies take when using this platform. Instead of using Facebook as a developmental tool and as part of a process, companies see it as a promotional tool and use it for just that.

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The real secret to using Facebook as a social media marketing tool and getting results is to use it with each of the 4Ps. In this way, you would be in control of the full image on Facebook (because you are aware of customers’ wants and needs, competitors’ tactics and industry price) and your promotional campaign would be a whole lot easier. That’s really all there is to it.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to check out my other articles for help with other social media marketing topics.

Until the next article!


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