How To Pick The Theme Colour For Your Blog…The Right Way (An Excerpt From The E-Guide “Your Blog Sucks! Here’s How To Fix That.”)

As most of you may be aware by now, I am writing an E-Guide called “Your Blog Sucks! Here’s How To Fix That.” It is an “adaptation” of my article “8 Things That Make A Blog Good: A Human Perspective” and it is going to be out on July 20th. You can download the sample chapter RIGHT NOW by clicking here but for now, I wanted to share with you an excerpt from one of my chapters called “You CAN’T Really Paint With All The Colours of the Wind!” It’s about choosing your colors wisely and about having the proper font colors for your background. Hope you enjoy and be sure to share this article with your friends!

How To Pick The Theme Colour For Your Blog

So, I am not a colourist. I only did Art until I was in the third form and I don’t think discussing color meaning was a part of the syllabus. Luckily, I do know how to do research and I was able to find two websites that talk about color meanings and positive and negative effects of colors. What I found was very informative and it was quite an interesting read. It is a whole lot of information so I have decided to condense it into a table format for easy reading.

Color table


Color table 2


Don’t close the book yet! There is a way to navigate through all of this. The information above was just to emphasize that color has a very powerful effect on people’s mindset and as bloggers, as marketers, as people putting material out for the public to view, we need to be extremely aware of the colors that we use and the meanings that we transmit. You don’t want people to get the wrong idea about your blog or to even send a contradicting message.

Here’s how you do this step by step:-

  • Decide what category your blog falls into. There is always a broad category/subject that overshadows your blog. Fashion, Beauty, Marketing, Business – the list is endless. There is no such thing as “My blog doesn’t have a category”. It may not be the category that you want but there is a category that your blog fits snugly into. According to the topics that you write on, you may even fall into two or even three categories. Find out what they are and write them down.
  • Now that you know what your category/categories are, write down two or three characteristics or qualities of the category/categories that you fall into. You can do research for this part to find out just what kind of people work in the industry. Now, you should know this if you have had your blog for a while but it is never too late to gain more knowledge or to fully understand that which you are into. This may help you change your attitude or some of your behaviors and approaches to writing your blog articles.
  • Write down what impression you wish to leave with your readers and visitors. It only has to be about two to three sentences long. Ask yourself what you want people to think having read one of your articles or gone to your home page and what you wish to accomplish. This helps you to understand what you really want out of the equation and assists in making the choosing of a color much, much easier.
  • Compare your vision with the industry characteristics and see if your vision needs to be tweaked just a bit. Sometimes we may have a vision for our website or blog but that may be in direct conflict with the industry that we have found ourselves in. This is a reason why people may not be completely clear on what you are selling/promoting/standing for and as such, they would not know if they should follow you or not.
  • Now that you’ve tweaked your vision, you can look through the meaning, positive effects and negative effects section of the table above and look for the characteristics found in your vision. Chances are you may have multiple colors falling in your lap and chances are you may have just one that you don’t fancy too much. This is where the decision falls to you. You can either change the color that you have to one that elevates the message that you try to send through your articles or you don’t. it is completely up to you from here on out.

If you need some more convincing, try this exercise. Lo….

Dying to know what the exercise was? You’ll have to wait until July 20th to find out! Meanwhile, did you know that you can get this guide for ABSOLUTELY FREE when it comes out??????? That’s right! Until July 21st, you can get this guide FOR FREE and there is a really simple way to do it. All you have to do is click here OR click on the banner just below this article OR visit this page to find out even more. After this, you pay $1 when it goes on Amazon. Hint: It’s all in the book. 

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2 thoughts on “How To Pick The Theme Colour For Your Blog…The Right Way (An Excerpt From The E-Guide “Your Blog Sucks! Here’s How To Fix That.”)

  1. I spent a huge amount of time figuring out the colors for my blog! I eventually just went with my favorites/gut instinct of how I wanted my brand to feel. It’s a huge decision though!
    Elizabeth |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is indeed. Thank you for reading!


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