An Honest Income Statement – June 2017

Yesterday was The Angry Marketer’s One month birthday. 30 days of writing, some really vigorous promotion and a lot of late nights. The day was spent calmly and quietly. Reflecting, pontificating, zenn—–yeah, okay. I forgot. I forgot my baby’s birthday, okay? I feel horrible. C’mon. Haven’t you ever forgot one of your kids’ birthdays before? No. Okay. Wow. Moving on.

Anyway, this is a big milestone for me. Like I mentioned in my Blogger Recognition Article, I was not really one to keep a blog. I would make them but I wouldn’t keep them. I had blogs for the sake of having a blog. I don’t think I have ever been as consistent as I have been on The Angry Marketer. I have never actually kept my readers’ in mind in terms of writing for them so this is a big deal for me and I have to say that making 30 days (well, 31 now) is a great sign. Sure I have a lot of work to do and sure I have a lot to learn still but I know that I can do it because I’ve already made it this far.

So, here is my monthly report where I get to show you all of my earnings and my expenditures for these past 30 days:

An Honest Income Statement

Income Statement:

Facebook Likes————————————————————86

No. of blogs who asked me to join as a contributor——–1



Twitter Follows————————————————————60

Viral* articles—————————————————————-1

People Helped———————————————————–dozens

Friends Made——————————————————–innumerable



*Viral for me = Anything that earns me more than fifty views in a day.

So, a lot of you may be saying “Well, this is not really impressive. You’ve made no money and you barely have subscribers. This is nothing to celebrate. See, this is what you get when you hand out participation trophies.” And that’s okay. Because at least I’m happy. This is a ginormous win for me. People are reading my stuff. My articles. Little old me who is a drop in the bucket of what is the blogging world. That alone is amazing.

Yes. I started this blog so that I could make an income somehow. I am an unemployed graduate. That is literally one of the worst feelings that exists. To know that you’ve invested all this time and money and brain power only for the rest of the country to say “We don’t have a spot for you.” or “We want someone with experience though” or “Take this sub-par pay rate because it’s all we are willing to pay you right now.” is really a horrible thing to live with. Cause it takes ambition to do that and when school is over, ambition does not die. It does not go away and it certainly does not hide. It lives with you. All the time. Day in and day out. It torments you. It taunts you. So, I needed to do something useful with myself and I needed to feel like I was working. And of course, I needed a little extra cash. I needed to let off some of the pent-up steam of ambition.

So, everything is a win for me. I count every one of my blessings as if they were dollars and cents because I worked damn hard to get to this point and I think it should be celebrated whether you make money or not. It’s so easy to get discouraged when you aren’t raking in dollars and cents and you see people doing it after two months, three months and four months. You get discouraged when you can’t afford your own domain yet, and again, ambition keeps you clicking those ads to make fractions of pennies a day just to get enough to afford it one day. You get discouraged when no one reads your articles or they leave spam when all you really wanted was that encouraging comment.

It’s hard out here as is. Why focus on what I don’t have and can’t afford and who I am not like when I have little blessings all around me that I CAN celebrate? That is what I am choosing to do now and that is what I want to encourage you to do. Count your blessings. Some people haven’t had a read in months. Some people are slowly losing their customers and followers and their business is in decline. But your beginnings? These are the golden years. Live in them. Laugh in them. Celebrate every win like you’ve just made one million dollars and you won’t even be bothered about the money……that much.

So, to end off, I want to share some of the things that I have learned this month that I feel you should know:

  1. Blogging is not a get rich scheme – As you can see from my income statement, it’s not. But all good things come to those who wait upon the Lord. I am convinced of that.
  2. People are in it for themselves – Hey, it is what it is. If people don’t see what they can get out of it, it’s not going to fly. It’s not going to be successful. Trust me, I know. I have done two #FriendlyFridays and one #MoreHelpMondays. Those are two of the most popular posts I have ever made. It is the basis of my e-guide.
  3. However, there is joy in giving – Although people may be selfish, I don’t mind because that means that I get to give. And truly, that has been a joy for me and has contributed to the infinite blessings that I have received so far. So, keep making me joyful, y’all.
  4. Never give up – Quitting is for losers. You may not be raking it in now but I bet it’s coming. Keep working hard and keep writing. The best is yet to come.

Happy Birthday, Angry Marketer!

Happy Birthday, Angry Marketer.

Until the next article!


2 thoughts on “An Honest Income Statement – June 2017

  1. Wow thankyou for the post.I am so glad I read it
    You motivate me to work hard on my blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s all I wnt to do at the end of the day. Money is great but if that’s all you’re going for, you’ll fail every time. Good luck with your blog!


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