The Bookmaker Challenge

The Bookmaker Challenge

Hi, guys! So, I know that you guys really look forward to all the tips and the tricks that I have to offer and I know you guys support me because of that. That’s why I am not really sure how this challenge is going to go down. But this is something that I want to try, hopefully with you guys, as an ongoing learning experience and an experience where I can improve on all areas of my writing life.

As you all may or may not know, I wrote a book called “My Boss’ Baby” in 2015 thereabout. When I started writing it, I knew that I wanted people to read it. In a sense, I really wanted to be an author in a legitimate sense. I ended up uploading it to a site called Wattpad and people really liked it. It has 64 400 reads so far and thousands of likes. The people on there were the ones encouraging me to finish it and to even go as far as to write a sequel. Overall, there was a lot of positive feedback on the story and I am so happy with the way that it performed and is still performing over on Wattpad. It took me about a year to write it because of school and writer’s block and other little distractions but it was completed in November 2016.

As some of you may also know, I am now an unemployed graduate and it is driving me insane. It’s not the fact that I don’t have a job or that I am not getting any call backs so much because I am not the only person that this is happening to but the mere fact that I have nothing to do and that I am inactive after being in school for over 90% of my life is irritating to me. Okay, and I don’t have any cash coming in, alright? There. I said it (Ha ha ha ha ha).  And it’s not that I need it because my parents still take care of me but I just believe that it’s time for me to start earning my keep as an adult and not having a job in 2017 is no excuse to not do that. Having an income coming in or more importantly having something to show for your work just makes you feel useful and accomplished.

So I am going to stop rambling now and make my point before y’all hit the ‘X’ button and break my heart. I just wrote “My Boss’ Baby”. I didn’t plan it, I didn’t really sit and come up with an overly long concept and there was no plan to really market it or anything. I cut corners and I didn’t really immerse myself in the experience. So I want to create another book and do it in the proper way and I want to document it all. That means that you’ll be seeing these articles for a while in addition to some of the titbits and tips that I will offer.

But when I came up with the idea, I also thought of you guys and how I always talk about writing for your audience rather than for yourself when you are a blogger. So, I want to not only want to invite you to do this challenge with me but I want to assure you that I will always connect it to blogging and how we can improve our products. Basically, all we are going to do is write a book, publish it on Amazon and then make that coin. In this way, I get to go back to my marketing roots because it is essentially the creation of a product, the creation of the promotion strategies and the determination of the place and price that we will be putting on the product.

Of course, it is completely optional but it would be nice to have some company along this new part of my journey. There are benefits for you as my loyal readers because:

  1. Who doesn’t like a little extra cash to do whatever. I mean you can end up selling your book for free it you want exposure or just want to be able to say that you published a book but it would be nice to make some money too, no?
  2. Your writing skills would definitely improve because we would be finding out about effective writing techniques, tools for telling your message properly and all that good stuff. So, obviously, you can use it when the challenge is pretty much over. Whenever that may be.
  3. You may get famous. Fifty Shades of Grey got started as a story on a forum and now sells millions of copies worldwide with two accompanying movies. That is huge. You never know what could happen though so why not take that change, guys and girls.
  4. It’s fun. Anything new tried is usually a lot of fun. Take it from me – when you read all the cool comments that people leave under your story, it is quite a feeling and an experience. You feel a great pride and none of the stress matters. None of the hardship matters. It is so golden.
  5. Did I mention that you could make money? I did? Just reemphasizing then!


It’s a new change but I think that this would be something that we can all just get to enjoy and to benefit from. Like I said if y’all observe then that is completely okay but it would be nice if y’all would join in and come along for the right. That’s it for now guys! Be sure to like subscribe and tell a friend about The Angry Marketer. Also, let me know if you’ll be in or just watching and silently rooting for my success or failure (ha ha).

Until the next article guys!



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