The Bookmaker Challenge – Day One

The Bookmaker Challenge

So I really wanted to get a head start on writing my book. But since I wanted to go the write route (see what I did there?), I decided to literally search “I want to write a book”.  I am not a “page 20 deep” researcher so I picked four very good articles that talked about writing books and how to make the most of it. The great thing is these four articles are written by people who have successful products already so you can trust the information in earnest.

The first person I looked at was Jeff Goins. Now if you are truly engrossed in the blogging world, you would know that Jeff is an absolute legend. So there was no way that I wasn’t going to read his article. It’s entitled “How To Write A Book: 10 Ridiculously Easy Steps” and it lives up to its name. Naturally, I am not going to list them out here because I believe in supporting each other as bloggers in every small way possible even if that means through backlinks. But my favourite steps were the last two – Embrace failure and Write Another Book. So many of us with our blogs feel like giving up when our readership isn’t great or one of our programs flops but Jeff encourages just the opposite.

He says be okay with failing and be okay with falling down. This is something that we as new bloggers, or even experienced ones, have a hard time doing. He also says to write again which translates to “keep going”. “Go again”.  Even if you fail go again. And that really stands out to me because there are days where I look at the views and the likes on my page and the interaction (zero) on the FB page and I don’t want to write anymore. I don’t want to create anymore. But quitting doesn’t make you feel any more accomplished than actually trying to build and struggling until you make that breakthrough.

This article is great as well because he offers ten more pieces of advice in the same article as a bonus and one of the ones that I like and have implemented for myself already is to start a blog and get feedback early. This is great and so practical because you get a chance to build a fan base who you can ask to give your literature early reviews. As early as the day of publishing. So I thought that that was a great piece of advice. I started a Tumblr for my book. The name of it is kershellemikeladykiller – a mash-up of my name and the name of my latest work. I was able to put Chapter One on there and now I just am waiting for people to read it. I will also repost to the Facebook page so that I can create some buzz for the latest production.

Now, I am aware that those of you who may be interested in writing non-fiction will not be able to relate to Jeff. But that is fine because I found an article called “So You Want To Write A Book? Here’s 10 Things You Need To Know To Get Published.” By Mac Collier. His article runs along the same lines of Jeff’s but it leans toward the non-fiction genre. He wrote a book called “Think Like A Rock Star – How To Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies That Turn Customers Into Fans” and from the way he describes the reaction of people to him and his book and his book tour, he seems to have done extremely well for himself. Anyway, the best piece of advice in the whole list for me is find 3 – 5 books that are similar to your idea. He says that this is so that you can properly understand and explain what your book has that the other titles are missing and that makes a whole lot of sense. If it’s the same old same old. People are not going to want to read it. There has to be an edge. It has to separate itself from the rest in order to be the best. Blogs can be like that too, you guys. We can’t all have the same blog. So, stalk each other. Stalk each other’s blogs senselessly. Try to see how you can differentiate yourself from the next blog. Because we all want to be great but we can’t do that if we all look the same.

In the middle of this search, I found some really good information. Forbes reported in 2013 that non-fictions books would sell less than 250 per year and 3000 in its lifetime. That’s scary if you are thinking of writing a non-fiction book. But they still encourage you to write since this can establish you as a professional in your field and cement your name among your peers. In my opinion, the decision to write has to be up to you and the goal that you eventually want to achieve.

I want to talk about the two other articles I found really quickly. Marian Schembari’s article “How To Start Writing a Book: A Peek Inside One Writer’s Process” is quaint and relatable. I encourage to read her article if you read no one else’s in this article. One of my favourite tips is copy someone else. Now I know this is usually frowned upon but trust me, it is not what you think at all. She suggests sitting down with your favourite author (and in the case of some of us, blogger) and copy their format. So if they start off with ”It was a cold winter’s night” you can start off with “It was a warm autumn day”. In this way, she says, you can build a story – your story – in confidence knowing that you have an idea of where you’re going. She says eventually you will develop your own writing style and everything will flow because your confidence would have peaked. Sound advice by using a not so sound practice. The last one is for literal first timers called “Publishing Basics: Ten Steps To Writing Your Book” by Barrie Davenport and she literally holds your hand through it all. Her information is pretty basic and if you are just getting started as a blogger or a writer or if you just feel a little lost, I would suggest that you start here first before doing anything else. It makes for a great read.

As you can see my first day was filled with research. But I was also able to decide on a name (Lady Killer), come up with a plot, write the first chapter and get it live on Tumblr and Wattpad. Of course, you guys are completely free to check either version out and tell me what you think so far. You can also give me feedback on the Cover Art for the book because I whipped it up on the fly using Canva. The suggested avenue is getting a designer to help but I would rather have full control of my vision so, for now, I took it upon myself to design this one.

I have had a busy couple of hours and it never stops but shouldn’t I be used to that seeing as I have a blog? Anyway, I hope my first log was full of nice info for you even though it was kinda about me. Make sure to like, comment, share and subscribe.

Until the next article!

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