An Honest Income Statement – July 2017

An Honest Income Statement july

The past one month has been so——-huh? Errr… Hold on, guys.

What’s that? WHAT?????? What do you mean it’s not been a month yet? For Pete’s sake, I haven’t written in two weeks! What am I supposed to—–you know what? Never mind. Screw it.

*Ahem!* The past twenty-four days have been really hectic in The Angry Marketer base although you could tell because of all the crickets in your inbox. There really is a lot going on behind the scenes with the e-guide launch (you know, the one that I’ve only been advertising forever on Facebook and my website?) Anyway, that is taking up the most of my time since I will be placing it on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (subject to change) from the 20th. Also, don’t think that I have forgotten about the launch. It’s not going to be anything huge or spectacular. I’ll probably just be talking to myself a lot explaining how great the book is to have and trying to get you to at least download the checklist. But nevertheless, it is happening on July 20th and you can feel free to stop by at 11a.m. and check out whatever is happening on the Facebook page.

Other than that, I have been monitoring my novella called “My Boss’ Baby” and it is doing really well. In fact, Amazon just recorded my first royalties for the book through the KDP Select program and I am relatively happy given that I started so late in the month. Again, it costs $2.99 on but I am not sure how much it would cost in other territories. It is absolutely FREE to read using the Kindle Unlimited program so that if you have a Kindle device the subscription is $9.99 per month and you get access to all titles. Do not worry. I will not get paid for that plug. But I would appreciate it if you would go on over and read the book and leave a review to kick me off right.

Apart from that as well, I am writing again. I may or may not have mentioned it but my next book is called “Lady Killer” and it is more or less a crime-drama. It is on Wattpad and unlike MBB it is free to read. Caution: It’s an ongoing work so I will be posting chapters ever so often until I am done and of course, I will be outfitting it for Amazon when it is really completed.

But enough jibber-jabbering about my stuff, let’s get to the goods. Here is my Honest Income Report for the last thirty* days:

income table

Not bad, if I do say so myself. Slowly but surely is the way to plod. Now for those of you looking on, you would realize that my blog brought no income in this period. I guess I kinda stopped looking for my blog to make me any cash right away. But that doesn’t mean you have to. My blog (at least this one) is under the sixty-day mark and I have more opportunities that I can try in order to make cash. It’s all about working hard and packaging right. I can say this because it applied to my book. The earnings didn’t start rolling in until like the 25th of June which is when I enrolled it in the KDP program.

All I’m saying is expose your blog in the right way and in as many ways as possible so that you maximize your audience and reap the best rewards. It’s going to be hard but it is also going to be very worth it in the end.

Now onto what I have learned this far:-

  • Getting Ready For A Book Launch Is Hard! – Bruh! There is so much work involved in preparing your work for publication. Sure, if you’re just writing and putting aside, there are no worries but when you get down to it and you actually set a date, the pressure is on! You find that everything that you were supposed to do is much bigger than you first anticipated and everything starts to go wrong at once. The last five days of this….well, I’ll let you know how it ends.
  • Market Feedback Is Important – It really is. You guys know what the old cover looked like for my e-guide. The orange whatever that monstrosity was (why did I think that was okay????). Anyway, I wasn’t happy with it and decided that I would make a change. So I did a design (seen below) and was inclined to go with it. The Marketing grad in me said “Let’s put it out there and get people’s opinions” So I did and to my surprise, people didn’t get it. They couldn’t see what I saw. The message of my vision was not reaching them at all. Had I not asked I would never had known this. The shameful part is that I talk about this in my guide. What happened to me was I was in such a rush to finish that I completely forgot the process and just designed. I paid no attention to colour or clarity and that is what I talk about (quite lengthily) in the publication. How did I come up with the current one, you ask? By reading and taking my own advice. That’s good though because it means I know what I am talking about for sure. So go and get the guide, y’all!Your Blog Sucks Final
  • There Are Always People Willing To Help – In this blogging game, it is all about self-seeking. I am comfortable with this fact. Not comfortable that this is the way that things are but it is what it is. I can only to my part to change the landscape. But there are selfless bloggers out there. There are bloggers who are willing to help and give good advice once you ask nicely and appreciate the advice given. You have to be able to also accept criticism because the truth isn’t always easy to hear. You know for sure that you can ask me (and if you didn’t know before now, now you know) but there are so many others that you can trust. You just have to be willing to find them.
  • Less IS More – Another lesson learned from my design escapades. Again, I was focusing way too much on wowing the consumer with my innovative design that I lost sight of the message that I wanted to translate. Sometimes the simpler approach is the best. I was able to learn that in these thirty- er, twenty-five days. I am grateful for it.

All in all, that’s been my month so far. Hope you guys are doing well. Sorry about the non-posting. You guys must need so many things addressed but once my schedule clears with this, I promise you I will get back on this. So, thank you for your patience, I look forward to your support. Like and share with your friends and be sure to tell them about the e-guide coming soon!

Until the next article!


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