How To Write An Effective Blurb For Your About Page (Part One)

About Page

I have seen how visitors flock to it on my own blog. Sometimes it is the only thing that they visit on my page. It wasn’t until recently that I sat down and thought about it that I realized it’s importance. The About page of a blog is one of the most important elements of a blog and it should be almost perfect. In fact, I believe that it is makes difference in the process of getting visitors to come to your page and if it is not on point you could be chasing customers away.

I made some notes on the subject when I was helping someone out with their business’ about page and I thought that I would share them with you all. But the expression goes “Lead by example”, right so I figured that step by step, I would re-create an About page for The Angry Marketer.

I got a chance to read through “About” and since I am changing it after I finish, I am just going to post what the About is on my page as I type this very sentence.

Hi. My name is Kershelle and I’m mad as hell.

For three years, I spent thousands of dollars going to school and hours away from my family to get a piece of paper that society convinced me that I needed in order to succeed. So, I left everything behind and managed my own household so that I could chase my dream. Or at least start to chase my dream. Coincidentally, my area of study was Management Studies with a focus on Marketing. I purposely chose that because I wanted to work in Advertising and the more creative side of Marketing. Unfortunately, I could not declare my minor because of department regulations that I don’t understand (side eye).

But, I did get that piece of paper and it was the proudest moment of my life. I had accomplished a difficult task and I was really happy. Now, I could go out and change the landscape of what was taking place. I knew what was coming out of my local marketing arena wasn’t our best. I knew that our industry needed help and I knew that I had what it takes to make significant changes. But when everyone “has” a degree, it stops becoming about what you can do (since everyone can do basically the same thing on paper) and more about who you know. Trust me, that is a bigger deal than I’m making it seem.

For the last ten to twelve months (I graduated in October but my last exam was in May), I have been unable to find a physical outlet to do what I love. So, I’ve taken to the digital world.

But that doesn’t really explain why I’m mad, right? Wouldn’t you be mad if the art that you are professional at, that is your passion and that is your forte is at a subpar level but you were helpless to help it? That’s how I’ve felt for a year. Irritation has turned into frustration and frustration to anger. Having that stored in one’s system mixed with a wealth of ideas and information needs to be released somewhere lest it causes an implosion.

I am writing an e-guide called “Your Blog Sucks! Here’s How To Fix That.” to help bloggers understand what the average reader really wants because what I’ve realized is that too is a form of Marketing that could be a whole lot better. It piggybacks off of my article “8 Things That Make A Blog Good: A Human Perspective” You can’t distribute crap and expect people to patronize and really and truly that’s what I want everyone to fully understand. This e-guide is a detailed version of that article that people have said is extremely helpful.

This blog is a chance for me to talk about Marketing and how it could be so much better. There are many things that can be improved by simply going back to the basics and, frustratingly, the industry seems to have forgone the basics. This blog is a place to help in my own small way to change the world.

I hope you will stick around for the ride!


So the piece above is what The Angry Marketer is working with as I type this part of this article.

The About article is another opportunity for your company/website/blog to sell itself. You want to make as many opportunities to advertise yourself as possible because to get someone to buy into who you are and what you stand for takes time and going back over and over again. You must put your best foot forward at all times and your About page is a great place to start.

Here are some basics that you need to have in your About page write up:

  • Who You Are (You = The Blog)
  • History or Backstory of the Blog
  • Products and Services Offered
  • Why You Are The Best



Defining who you are is not as easy as it sounds. Of course, you know who you are but how would you explain that to someone else? Usually, when someone asks us who we are as people, we give them a name, where we are from, sometimes how old we are, what job we do and what we like or dislike. But that’s not really who we are. There’s something deeper. There is something unique to us that defines us. That distinguishes us from the crowd. So rather than say “Hello. My name is Kershelle. I live in Trinidad and I have a blog” the answer to “Who are you?” should be “My name is Kershelle and I am a talented and determined blogger who uses her words to build others and make them more confident when marketing themselves and their blogs.” See how the latter sentence stands out a lot more than just my “age, sex location” answer. It gives you a much clearer perspective on who I am and also opens opportunities for curiosity.

The same goes for your blog. This is something that you have to give extra thought to and really ask yourself who your blog is. As of right now, The Angry Marketer’s About does none of that. In fact, it just goes on and on about me. Note well that this should NEVER be the case. The About Page is not for you, the individual. It should be for your blog and should be dedicated to describing your blog.

Start off with the simplest question:- “Who is BLANK?”, then sit and mull over it. Go through your articles and read them over. See if you can identify what your blog’s message is because that is who it is at the end of the day. So, in The Angry Marketer’s instance, this is a blog that wants to help bloggers improve their blog through paying attention to the Marketing aspects of the process. That includes place, product, promotion, price. Why? Because it is the belief of T.A.M. that every blog deserves to be read but first it has to be readable. That means you have to know how to put yourself out there properly using ALL aspects of the Marketing cycle because at the end of it all, that is what you are doing when you blog – you are marketing yourself.

Thus, the answer to “Who Is The Angry Marketer?” may sound like this: The Angry Marketer is a blog dedicated to assisting other bloggers capitalize on the simple process of the Marketing Mix in order to gain more readers, subscribers and page views. Its mission is to ensure that every blog is read by showing their owners how to make them readable through simple tips and tactics that they can implement immediately for better results.

It’s not perfect but now you have a better idea of what T.A.M stands for, no? I just told you that

  1. The Angry Marketer is a blog and not a website which are two VERY different things
  2. We are a service based page dedicated to offering assistance to others
  3. We implement the Marketing Mix as part of our strategy
  4. We want to help you gain more readers, subscribers and page views
  5. We want to help you make your blog readable

You have to be able to think about this deeply and really understand who you are as an entity. What also helped me is that I thought about what other writers had written about me. This blog was nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award (informal) and the person who nominated T.A.M referred to it as one of the best niche blogs that they had ever come across. So I used that to narrow my description and zoom in on what the blog is. You can do this too by simply asking people in your blogging group to visit your page and give you their honest impressions as far as genre and message being sent.



This is a relatively simple step. Now you get to rattle off facts. BUT still be very careful in how you rattle them off. You not only want it to connect to your first section but you want to keep the idea that you’ve established in the first section about yourself to remain in their minds. So, you can give them basic information – when it started, who it is run by, how it got its name, mottos, taglines etc. There are some pieces of information, however, that need to be customized to suit. For instance, why you started the page. Remember that it has to fit in with your identity.

T.A.M originally started off as a blog where I would rant about how marketing was not being used to its full potential by the wider world. That’s what most of the earlier pieces focused on. But those pieces weren’t really helping anyone. That was just me going off about the things that I cared about. So, no one read them because it didn’t resonate. After joining different blogging groups, I realized that there were a lot of lost bloggers in those groups and that the questions that they posed could be simply solved by good marketing techniques. Thus, my direction changed. Instead of training my anger to companies that would probably never see my articles and would not appreciate the help that this puny website had to offer, I decided to help the people around me who really needed it and would welcome it wholeheartedly. That’s what the blog is about now – helping the people who need it.

This is what I ended up coming up with for The Angry Marketer’s History:

The Angry Marketer was launched on May 19th 2017 as a niche Marketing blog. It was created to report on developments in the Advertising world as well as offer solutions to various problems within that area of business. However, after realizing that there was a greater need for its advice and services in the blogging world, the page turned to assisting newer bloggers build the best version of their blog by answering their questions and concerns about Marketing. Since then, it has assisted many bloggers to make products (i.e. blogs) fit for their intended target markets and to create an air of professionalism that any blogger would be proud of.

Realize that I kept in line with the idea of wanting to help other bloggers create better products even in my history. That’s what you want to do – reinforce your image and what you stand for so that the right people buy into your product.

End of Part One. Tomorrow, God willing, we will explore how to include your products and services into your About blurb as well as how to express why you are the best option in your niche for readers.


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