The Angry Marketer is dedicated to assisting other bloggers capitalize on the simple process of the Marketing Mix to gain more readers, subscribers and page views. Its mission is to ensure that every blog is read by showing their owners how to make them readable through simple tips and tactics that they can implement immediately for better results.

The Angry Marketer was launched on May 19th 2017 as a niche Marketing blog. It was created to report on developments in the Advertising world as well as offer solutions to various problems within that area of business. However, after realizing that there was a greater need for its advice and services in the blogging world, the page turned to assisting newer bloggers build the best version of their blog by answering their questions and concerns about Marketing. Since then, it has assisted many bloggers to make products (i.e. blogs) fit for their intended target markets and to create an air of professionalism that any blogger would be proud of.

The Angry Marketer doesn’t just give bloggers bloggers’ information. On the blog, it is often emphasized that the customer should be the focal point of your blog. Your blog should always satisfy a need otherwise no one will want to read it. It is insufficient to consider one side without the other but oftentimes that is the advice that is offered to us. The Angry Marketer considers itself a reader as well and always offers advice from the stance of the two extremes. Its strategies are developed based on the needs of both because when offering any product, success is dependent on the balance of needs and wants.

Apart from its regular blog postings, to help each blog become its best self, The Angry Marketer offers free advice to bloggers through its #FriendlyFriday Critique Sessions. This weekly event is a live offering for Facebook users and renders assistance to bloggers who may be seeking advice on if they should improve the image of their blog, and if they need to do so how they should go about this. However, for an in-depth rating and specific advice in the form of a report on how your blog can be improved that will be personally emailed to you, sessions by appointment will soon be made available to the public.




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Kershelle Mike is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and holds an Upper Second Class Honours Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Management Studies with a focus on Marketing. 

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