Social Media Marketing Simplified

I understand social media because I am of the generation of social media. I’ve been around as long as it has. But also because I got to study Marketing as part of my degree. Now, I want to pass on that information to you so that hopefully you can earn from it.

There are businesses that are actively looking for social media ambassadors, coordinators and experts because they now understand that social media is an integral part of life and without it, they will be left in the dark. They are ready to pay through the nose for someone who has an understanding of social media and how to maximize profits through this medium. Wouldn’t you like to earn some of that nose money? 🙂

The best part is that there is absolutely nothing to it but there is always something new. We will start with understanding what social media is then move on to the Six Questions of Social Media Marketing and then on to some of the best practices with a lot more information in between. Once you grasp the basic concepts of SMM, you will be a wiz in no time. While there is no certification for this particular course, you will gain an understanding of what the concept is all about so that you can keep up with our rapidly changing landscape.

I am willing to pass on the theoretical and practical understanding if you are willing to learn. All you have to do is click on one of the topics below.

  1. Why Your Idea Of Social Media Is WRONG!
  2. A Beginner’s Guide: Social Media Marketing.
  3. Know Your Niche: 3 Essential Steps To Capturing Your Future Customers.
  4. How To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy in 12 Easy Steps.
  5. How To Use Facebook The Right Way When Marketing Online.
  6. The SEO Storm: What The Fred Update Means For The Internet.
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